heart of camps bay

Did you know that there’s a naturally occurring heart in the mountain above Camps Bay? On a tip from this list of fascinating Cape Town stuff, I went out to the Maiden Cove parking lot, between Camps Bay and Clifton, to check it out.

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the heart of Camps Bay, photo by Adrian Bischoff

Zoomed in and emphasized:

Detail of the heart of Camps Bay, photo by Adrian Bischoff

After searching around, I found it. I recommend looking up the slope of the Nek until you get to the first rocky outcropping. From there, go down and right (toward Camps Bay) and it’s right there. It’s the sort of thing you’d never see if someone didn’t point it out, but once you see it, you can’t miss it.

Heart of Camps Bay
Viewing location: Maidens Cove parking lot, Camps Bay.


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  1. Did you know there is an Africa on Table Mountain. Once you see it, you cannot believe you missed it. If you would like to see, just make a time and I will show you. When I was interviewed for an article in a magazine and they asked me my secret about CT, this was it

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