secret ‘africa’ in table mountain

Africa Ravine in Table Mountain, photo by Adrian Bischoff

After my secret heart in Camps Bay post, Jacqui from Charly’s Bakery[1] let me know that there was also a secret Africa in Table Mountain. We met up recently so she could show me. It’s another one of these things where once you see it, you’ll always see it.

Look down and left from the top cable car station and you should see a large ravine with the general shape of the continent. Depending on the shadows and where you see it from, the shape looks more or less like Africa. The photos here give you an idea but there are times when its been just about perfect.

close up and focussed, Africa in Table Mountain, photo by Adrian Bischoff

Africa in Table Mountain
Viewing point: anywhere in the City Bowl, some places better than others

[1] There’s delicious chocolate cake at Charly’s, by the way. I’m in no way obligated to say this, I just thought you should know.


3 responses to “secret ‘africa’ in table mountain

  1. That’s actually called India Ravine, because it looks like India. There’s also a rock called India Venster about halfway up.

  2. Hmm. I’ve heard it called Africa Ravine. I suppose you can see India in it as well.

  3. India ravine is on the left of Africa Ravine – take another look at the front of the mountain!!!