awesome spices at atlas trading co.

Atlas Spice Co., photo by Adrian Bischoff

The first thing you notice about the Atlas Trading Co. (94 Wale St., Bo Kaap) is the smell: strong, fragrant, bold. It’s a fantastic smell that draws me in any time I walk past. It’s an old-school establishment. It feels like it’s been run the same way for decades and you’re shopping the same way people have for as long.

I will often buy one of their curry pastes to try; the Balti Curry Paste is particularly good. Rice and things can be bought in bulk. Coconut milk is cheap. And then there’s the wall of spices. From anise seed to curry leaves to marjoram to vanilla bean, you can probably find it here. In fact, you can probably find most things you need to make Cape Malay, Indian or Thai food.

Atlas Trading Co.
94 Wale Street, Bo Kaap
021 423 4361


7 responses to “awesome spices at atlas trading co.

  1. Dear Sir,
    I import Saffron from Kashmir and I was wondering if you are interested in stocking our product?
    I look so forward to be hearing from you.
    Kind wishes
    Jill Steinberg


  3. Hi, I’m interested in starting a distribution business,.Do u sell spices in bulk.Thanks

  4. Hi Yaseen,

    We are able to supply SAFFRON in bulk. Please would you contact me if you are interested.

    Kind regards,

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  6. what is your email address at Atlas trading?

  7. Is there any way your spices may be purchased on line and shipped to the USA?